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  1. skpy
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I need one of the categories in category archive to display 3 posts per page instead of 5 as I set by default. I tried to use query_posts() and WP_query. Tried queries 'posts_per_page=3', 'showposts=3'(in wp_query) and "paged='.$paged" but still have this problem:
    I have in category 'news' 47 posts. If count pages by 5 post per page it will be 10 pages. If count by 3 - 16 pages.
    So, in my case wp_page_numbers work correctly and displaying pagination links from 1 to 16. But when I try to access page which number is greater than 10 I get 404 error.
    What I doing wrong? How can I make WordPress work correctly?

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