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    I have entered about 60 events that will occure throughout the year. I only display the first 10 events, but it would be good if users could scroll through and see all events much like I can in google calendar.

    Is there pagination on the system which I cannot see. If not how can I achieve this.



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  • Same problem here.
    How can I get a pagination?

    Plugin Author Brian Hogg


    Hi @supernova42,

    Sorry for missing this question! Thanks @andreaboe for bumping it up 🙂

    There is no pagination functionality, and having it automatically pull more events when scrolling could cause accessibility issues (ie. visitors wouldn’t be able to scroll further down the page to other content).

    Many visitors also wouldn’t bother going to other pages, so adding multiple shortcodes grouped by (say) category or using the pro version’s filter bar feature might be a better way to go.

    If you do need to add multiple pages you can see a demo here of doing it with past events:

    which does need the offset option of the pro version:


    Hope that helps!

    Hi Brian,
    the “calendar” design has the kind of pagination my client wants:
    Ideally the client wants multiple calendars for different categories on one page, each as a customized list view displaying a 2-month span at once and a navigation with forward and back arrows for the following / preceding 2-month span.
    Is this possible?

    Alternatively: Using a customized list design would it be possible to let the filter bar show one dropdown only, which filters by month?


    Plugin Author Brian Hogg


    Hi Andrea!

    There is a calendar design in the pro version which you can see here:


    It does not have a two-month view but you can put multiple on the same page (ie. filtered by different categories). It is also possible to specify the initial month with the startdate option so you could have two side by side for this month and next initially.

    There’s no month picker in the filter bar yet but it is on the list of features to add in future.


    Then I’m looking forward to a future version with this feature.

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