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  • kgagne


    This URL

    outputs all my posts, paginated to only about a dozen at a time. But this URL

    outputs all my pages in a single listing. Since the way I’ve chosen to structure my site causes it to have over 500 pages, listing them all at once is a rather lengthy process! Is there any way (without filtering by author, etc.) to get the page listing to paginate in a similar method as the post listing?

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  • MichaelH


    I thought there was a plugin that did that but I can’t find it but did find this…



    Thanks! I had did a search for page-related plugins but hadn’t seen that one. Taking a look at its site and the documentation enclosed in the download, I see that it lets me customize the columns that are outputted – but I don’t see any option to limit the number of rows. Hmm.



    kgagne–sorry, I thought it let you filter on those columns but see that it doesn’t. Probably what I ‘thought I remembered’ was a plugin to paginate the posts page.



    Wonder if you could change the posts_per_page setting in line 68 of wp-admin/edit-pages.php (this is version 2.3.1)


    But if that fails, here’s some others to commiserate with 😉



    Michael, thanks for the expert advice! I opened wp-admin/edit-pages.php and, on line 68, changed the value from “-1” to “1”. My administrative dashboard proved this worked by listing only one of my many pages.

    The downside? There was no navigation to access additional pages – no “previous entries” or “next entries” buttons. So on line 90 of edit-pages.php, I added this code:

    <div class=”navigation”>
    <div class=”alignleft”><?php next_posts_link(__(‘« Previous Entries’)) ?></div>
    <div class=”alignright”><?php previous_posts_link(__(‘Next Entries »’)) ?></div>

    I didn’t know if it would work, since it calls for next_posts_link and not next_pages_link (which doesn’t exist). But it *does* seem to work! Thanks!

    If anyone can find a reason why I shouldn’t be doing this, I’d be interested to know more about this page and its functionality.

    Update: I may’ve spoken too soon… I’m getting wonky behavior when setting the posts_per_page to a value other than -1 or 1. I’ll work on this some more…

    Just to let others searching for this know, in WP 2.6, you can edit wp-admin/edit-pages.php and from line 126, change the variable $per_page = 20; to reflect the number of pages you’d like to show in each view. I just changed mine to 100 :-).

    Thanks you susssus! I was pretty frustrated by being forced into pagination. A great feature!, but should be configurable or have the ability to turn it off. that saved my day! thanks again.

    Is there any way to do this without editing core files? It sucks to try to remember those edits when it’s time to upgrade WordPress. A plugin to disable pagination on the Edit-Pages screen would be ideal.

    How do you do this: “change the variable $per_page = 20;” for the posts instead of pages? I tried to find a similar entry in edit.php but could not find one.

    I use the code below. Save it into an html file and put it into your plugins folder and then activate it. It is technically setting the posts-per-page to 500 instead of actually removing pagination. You could make that number higher or lower as well.

    Plugin Name: Unpaginate
    Description: Unpaginates the Manage Pages page
    Version: .1
    Author: Jake Snyder
    function customize_admin(){
    	global $per_page;
    	$per_page = 500;
    add_action('admin_head', 'customize_admin');
Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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