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    Last year I wrote a diary about my Costa Rica trip (see
    I’d like to do the same now for my Uganda trip but… I’d like to give visitors the option not only to comment on the whole diary but on every single day.
    Is it possible to do this in pages? I prefer to do it with pages because the content will be rather static.
    I can do it with posts of course but I don’t want to make anothe category and I think that the content of a travelogue rather belongs to pages.

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  • Well, you can allow commenting on Pages, though since Pages aren’t in and of themselves chronolical within the blog, is it that you’re using a new Page for every day?

    Well, it’s your blog, so it’s your decision – but a travelog [= blog of a travel] -s not really “static”. Think back to the origin of the word blog:
    web + log (where log originally means the records of a ship’s progress etc.)

    Now, for your question: no, if you have the whole trip on one single page, you do NOT have the possibility to comment on days. If you have a different Page for every day – then you can comments on them.

    OK. Thanks!

    I’ve got something similar going on here:

    They aren’t exactly blogs, but are just a collection of Pages with subpage content displayed on them under the main Page “Blogs”.

    Each ‘post’ is a Page with the Blog subpage as a parent.

    E.g.: Blogs > Blog name > Post is actually Parent Page > child Page > grandchild Page

    I used the information in this post to set it up.

    …Now I just need to get the sidebar to do what I want.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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