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    Did you run the PageSpeed analysis with the plugin off so you can compare both reports? My guess is that you would see that suggestion anyhow. It’s not really ’caused’ by the plugin, the JCH url is shown there now because the contents of the original file is now combined by the plugin.

    It’s just saying that the file is relatively small so instead of putting the CSS in a file, you could have put it in an inline style declaration instead to avoid a http request. It’s not a big deal actually. The performance gain is negligible with this change.

    I’m assuming you’re using the free version but the pro version will give you more options that would address this issue anyway. With the higher Automatic settings available, you would be able to safely combine all the files in one, further reducing http requests and you would have options to eliminate render-blocking. Take a look at this article that sheds more light on that:

    thanks – I will get the pro version, it sounds like a lot of good features. I am currently disabled and unemployed, but when I get an extra 10 bucks I will try to get the pro version.

    Plugin Author codealfa


    Ok no problem. Looking forward to it.

    hmm – been thinking and gotta wonder though… why you would offer a plugin that is meant to optimize a website site, and cause fewer errors, actually adds unique errors of it’s own in the basic version, so it can be fixed in the pro?

    Plugin Author codealfa


    I don’t think you understand what I was explaining previously so let’s try again.

    The error is not caused by the plugin. It was there before but PageSpeed is now flagging the JCH file because it contains the contents of the original file. This is why I was suggesting that you do the before and after comparison with PageSpeed to see for yourself. Please deactivate the plugin and run a PageSpeed analysis then run it again with the plugin activated and see if the plugin is adding any errors. Even with the free version, if you configured it properly, you should see less errors and a higher score. If you don’t then there’s no point in using the plugin.

    The plugin doesn’t fix this error at all. What I was describing was a workaround that the pro version provides. If you’re using the Automatic settings then the Minimum – Average setting will preserve the original execution order of the files on the page so if there are any files excluded from the plugin, the plugin will split the combined file around the excluded file to ensure that the execution order is preserved. I’m assuming that’s what is happening on your site why you’ll end up with a file that small. The higher settings in the pro version will safely combine all the files in one and still preserve the execution order. That way you’ll have one combined file and it won’t be a small file. The only other error you would need to contend with is the Eliminate render-blocking and the article I mentioned describes how to address this with the plugin.

    If you still don’t understand what I’m saying then post your site’s url here with the plugin activated and I’ll run the tests for you and explain again with screenshots.

    I am sure what you are saying is true – it does fix many errors that google sees, however that plugin is the only plugin that gives the error for the small inline css, and I have a lot of plugins installed, and the ranking is affected – they give me a 75% out of 100 for that particular error group, solely based on the small inline css that this plugin spits out.

    I have Same issue even with pro version of this plugin and in my plugin folder there is not a “gz” folder. I mean on my website there is not the folder /wp-content/plugins/gz.
    At now your plugin speed up the internal pages of my site during the navigation (using your plugin the internal navigation is great, really fast but pagespeed do not change anithing, it still 81% with and without your plugin on).

    If this can help… I’m using w3 total cache and your plugin because w3 tatal cache minify cause issues in my theme… Your plugin work fine with w3tc, internal navigation is very goog but pagespeed do not change if turn on or off your plugin…. Lol … paranormal? 🙂

    fixed “/wp-content/plugins/gz” no more reported as issue by Google Pagespeed.
    In Pro Options loading a theme js as asynchronously solved the issue

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