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    Nicht zusammengesetzte Animationen vermeiden 5 animierte Elemente gefunden
    Animationen, die nicht zusammengesetzt sind, können langsam sein und den CLS-Wert erhöhen.

    Uncompounded animations avoid 5 animated elements found
    Animations that are not composed can be slow and increase the CLS score.

    <div class=”imgloading-container”>

    Nicht unterstützte CSS-Property: height

    loader image
    <div id=”loftloader-wrapper” class=”pl-imgloading” data-show-close-time=”15000″ data-max-load-time=”10000″>

    Transformationsbezogene Property hängt von Boxgröße ab

    Effekt hat nicht unterstützte Timingparameter

    Nicht unterstützte CSS-Property: visibility

    Effekt hat nicht unterstützte Timingparameter

    loader image
    <div id=”loader”>

    Nicht unterstützte CSS-Property: visibility

    <div class=”loader-section section-fade”>

    Nicht unterstützte CSS-Property: visibility

    Go to slide 1
    <div class=”swiper-pagination swiper-pagination-clickable swiper-pagination-bullets”>

    Nicht unterstützte CSS-Property: color`

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author loftocean


    Hi @yellowfellow333 ,

    Thank you for reporting. Sorry for the delayed response.

    We have released an update. After updating to LoftLoader Lite 2.3.6, most of these warnings will be removed.

    However, if you select “Custom Image Loading” or “Drawing Frame” as the “Loader” animation, you will see the warning again. For example, the warning in this screenshot: .

    Because, in order to “Avoid non-composited animations”, we can only use “transform” and “opacity” changes for animations.

    “In order to achieve this you will need to stick to changing properties that can be handled by the compositor alone. Today there are only two properties for which that is true – transforms and opacity.”

    (Quoted from this article: Stick to Compositor-Only Properties and Manage Layer Count.)

    However, for complex animations, such as “Custom Image Loading” or “Drawing Frame” (screenshot: ), it is impossible to make such animation effects only by changing “transform” and “opacity”.

    Of course, under ideal circumstances, if you only use some simple animations on the website, you can indeed meet these scoring conditions. However, the fact is that at present, many modern websites have various complex animation effects, and these animations cannot be created only by changing “transform” and “opacity”.

    If you don’t want this kind of warning to appear again, you can choose animations other than these two animations in the “Loader” sub section.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    The Loft.Ocean Team

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