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  • HI Guys! Thanks for the help in advance!

    First of all, here is a link to the site I am working on:

    Is there a way to have the various pages updated with categorized posts?

    For example: I write a post in the category of “Movies.” It shows up, of course, on the “Home” page … but is there some way to have it also added to the “Movies” page as well??

    My gut feeling is “no,” but I thought I would try this anyway just in case.

    THANK YOU!!!

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  • No, you can’t. Pages are not for displaying posts; don’t mix them!
    Your “movie” posts should be displayed on the so-called category view (it is there, even if you don’t have link to it;)

    A workaround would be to make that link (Movies) in the horizontal navbar to point to this category archive. You could also give it a customized view:

    Moshu – EXACTLY what I was thinking should be able to be done … so, if I did what you’re suggesting, a visitor could click the “Movies” tab on the horizontal navbar, and the movie Page would pop up, with all of the archived posts from the “movies” category.

    One big question, which I have already asked on another forum – I can’t find the code that directs the navbar button and tells it where to go or what to do. I SWEAR I read through that link you gave me, but I can’t figure out how to apply it to that navbar button.

    Am I really that dumb????


    The only place I find the code at all for the navbar buttons like “movies” or “music” is when I view the source code for the page. It shows that it is linking to pages numbered ’21’ and ’22’ etc.

    I don’t know how to edit that code and change the direction, so that it points to the categories as you referred in your last post.

    Hopefully you understand with what I am having trouble.

    There is a plugin called Redirectify. It does what its name suggests: will redirect your “movies” page to whatever URL you tell it – in this case: the movies category.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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