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    I keep a sort of local retail history site at

    Every time I do a post, I add it (by hand) to my alphabetical index of posts. This index is simply a page with a link to each of my posts in alphabetical order. You can see this at by choosing the “Alphabetical Closings” page from the header at the top.

    I do more or less one post a day, with time off for Saturdays and vacation. That means we’re probably talking 300+ revisions to the Alphabetical Closings page every year. My observation is that whenever I eventually get “too many” revisions to this page, I can no longer edit it — I just get a blank screen. I have seen this over multiple releases of WordPress. I just encountered it again when I upgraded to 3.6 — my guess is that I was near the revision limit before and that “too many” is somewhat less on 3.6 than on 3.5.2.

    The “fix” I have always used is to view the page (it still displays fine), do a “view source” in Firefox, edit out the header and footer stuff and take of the paragraph tags and then paste it into a new page. Then delete the old Alphabetical Closings page and rename the new page to be “Alphabetical Closings”. This works, but is not ideal because there are always a few links to the old page floating around on the web and this breaks those links and costs me that traffic.

    Has anyone else seen this?

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