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  • Hi everyone

    So I’ve searched in the plugins directory but with no success, and then decided to ask for it in here…

    I’m looking for a plugin that allows me to define some pages to show different posts from the first one (the one that opens immediately when you open the site).

    I know if we go to the category we can see only the posts in that category, but what I want is to have that same distribution but with another one, for example, just showing posts from two categories.

    Does anyone know how to do it?

    Thank you (and sorry if I’ve made some mistakes, my english is a little rusty lol)

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  • You can create a Page Template, then in that Page Template use the template tag, query_posts(), and the cat= parameter to display posts in those categories. After you create the Page Template assign it to a Page.

    So I’ve tried something…

    First of all, copied the page.php, since it could be the same thing…

    Then, added the template to the top of the php code:

    Template Name: Another

    And worked!

    But then, modified the code and tried to show the posts from a single category and it showed me the last post from that category repeating until I closed the page lol If I didnt closed it, it would keeping repeat it…

    Does anybody know what to change there so I could retrieve, correctly, the posts?

    I’m asking this because it’s a little confusing the things in the links you gave me…

    I am looking for something similar. The closest plug in I found was the following. .
    Category Page version 2.5.
    Author: Pixline
    This plugin will let you setup connection between pages and categories, in order to display the page content like a “header” for your category archive (theme tweak required). By popular demand, version 2.5 also ships with a shortcode like [catlist] that allows to display a list of posts from a certain category inside a post or a page. . Copyright (C) 2008 Paolo Tresso / Pixline

    Anyone find anything that you can just post in any page that you create?

    And that worked with you? With me nothing happened! lol

    It worked.

    Dont know why… not working with me… done everything right…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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