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    At some point last night– presumably caused by a Calendar or Statcounter plugin– I lost the ability to set templates to pages. I have made several and they have been working for the past few months just fine. Now, if I try to set my static front page to the home template (I’ve tried renaming this to statichome.php, with no success), it reverts to the Default Template, index.php. If I delete index.php from my theme directory, I don’t even have the option to set a template on the page – the drop down box doesn’t show up.

    I can see all my templates in the drop down box and can select them. When I hit update, it goes back to the default.

    I have searched these forums to no avail.

    I do not have the suhosin plugin.

    I have attempted disabling all plugins and changing the template.

    I have read the codex page on Template Heirarchy.

    I must be missing something very obvious here, or else I’ve stumbled across an incredibly aggrivating glitch.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Today I’ve gone back through my snapshot backups and restored first the theme folder, and then the entire plugin folder to no avail. I’ve also tried switching themes, and deleting my entire plugin folder.

    This seems to indicate that this is therefore not a problem with any specific plugin, css style or template file.

    I’m not sure what to try next–

    Please help wordpress community! My dignity in a monastery in the mountains of central Italy depends on this. Free blessings for anyone who can help.



    Well, I uninstalled wordpress by deleting everything, reinstalled 2.8.3, reloaded my plugins one-by-one, and then updated to 2.8.4 after there was no change. I also set all of my directories to 644, and certain themes and plugins tied to the themese (sIFR) to 666. After this, I was able to change my templates on my pages.

    The equivelant of this 100 years ago would have been called a “good bloodletting”.

    Hope this little epic helps someone some day!

    i have an installation that is plagued with this, tried deleting everything, changing chmods, still no dice.

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