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  • Is there a convenient way to do the following using
    purely pages?

    I want to have a page of Projects (post-like entries
    with download links, etc.) listing them in the same
    style as my posts (and only on my Projects page).

    I toyed with the idea of making a page in WP called
    Projects and then making posts of a special category
    and just excluding that category from being listed
    anywhere else but then my projects will show up as
    being part of my “Archive”, not part of my “Projects”.

    I also want to have a page of flash files that will
    be another page deep (games, apps, movies, etc.) before
    it actually lists out the entries (again, post-like).

    Is there a convenient way to do this using purely pages?

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  • Create the project pages as pages, not as posts. Same with the flash files.

    Okay, but then how would I have a “master” page that listed
    the sub-pages as if they were posts? And then people could
    click on the “permalink” to go to the individual project page.

    Do it manually, or write a plugin that uses get_children(), or use the sidebar.

    create a page and name it home.php: this is your “master” page, located in your theme folder.
    If you don’t want to create it from scratch, just open index.php & save it as home.php: then customize it the way you want.
    Then to have all pages listed in the body of home.php, copy’n’paste the php function listing pages from sidebar.php to home.php

    check out the WP Codex sections related to Pages

    Ok, I see what you guys are saying. Pretty much I’ll have to
    handle them all manually. Maybe there’s still a way to do it

    I could have php that lists out the children pages of my master
    project page. And when it lists the pages it could get the first
    200 characters or so of the page to provide a “blurb” of what
    to expect… with the permalink then going to the individual
    project page itself.

    Yeah, that’s what I meant when I said write a plugin. Sorry, I wasn’t clear.

    Call me picky but what is all these free space doing on the right 🙂

    ??? Come again?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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