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  • I do have a welcome page, (I think) that should serve as a “home page.”
    (Meaning, this is the page that I would like to show up when someone simply types in the address.)

    However, when I want to update an alternate “page” (in pages) the post shows up on the “home” page.

    We’re not exactly sure how the content management system works so that we can simply manage new posts to go to where they need to go into their specific category, without effecting the “welcome” (or home) page.

    Is this possible is it a restriction of the platform, is there possibly some code I could write to work around this issue? Any support o this issue would be of great benefit to me thanks in advance for your responses.


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  • Hi bargeld, can you provide a link to your page? Are you just using the hierarchy template structure of wordpress, or do you have wordpress set up to have a static home page?

    WordPress can easily handle what you need here. Basically what is going on is that in either your home page template code, or the index.php file (whatever you are using) there is code that is running through a loop and pulling the most recent posts for display. This loop code needs to be removed/replace.


    I’m not sure I’m understanding you clearly, so pardon me if I’m replying to NOT what you need 😉

    WordPress has two categorizations of contents, the pages, that have permanent URLs and are meant to be used as long-term steady reference and to be in small numbers, and the posts, made to be posted one after the other, in great numbers, in a chronological order, succeeding one another on top of the front page.

    I don’t think a page can stay on top of your blog, however, a post CAN stay on top, when you’re writing/editing/saving it, there is the option to make it a sticky. (Visibility > Public > Stick this to front page).

    Some “premium type” blog templates (meaning most of the ones offering it will be paying templates, but not all) offer an additional “featured post” option, in which you select a few posts that will be shown on top of your blog in rotation, one after the other.

    Hope I helped and didn’t reply outside of your needs 😉

    The links is I believe I have wordpress set up to have a static homepage. Can you cite some specific lines of code in index.php for me to remove or edit? Thank you.

    The part you’d be interested in would be

    <?php if (have_posts()) : ?>
    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

    … (lots of stuff about how to load a post and what parts of it, that will be applied to all the posts) …

    <?php endwhile; ?>

    But you risk to wreak havoc more than anything else.

    Making a post a sticky, wouldn’t it be the easiest solution for you, by far ?

    I think this will be the easiest solution for you, and won’t require any ftp access or coding. If you have FTP access and some coding experience I can give you a better solution, let me know if you do. This page seems to be the setup that you want on your front page, where it is a normal page that only shows the content you put in the main editor area in the backend. Correct?

    Step 1: open this page in the dashboard and look at what is selected for the “template” (right hand side)

    Step 2: Create a new page called “Home” (put your content in the main editor area), and select the same template as is selected from step 1

    Step 3: go to settings –> reading and select “static homepage” and select the “home” page you just created.

    That should do it for you.


    Is it possible to have new posts appear as posts on one of the Pages instead of ‘Home’? All posts seem to go to Home automatically is there a way around that. That is another thing i’ve been struggling with trying to learn this platform. Any help would be appreciated.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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