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  • Recently we had a problem on a site which i maintain. Without any interaction from anyone, (two days after any changes to anything had been made) all the pages mysteriously became posts, all the plugins became deactivated, and when writing a page, wordpress hits the /wp-admin/page.php portion then just hangs there indefinitley.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Experiences?

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  • Hi there,

    I have a similar problem which I looked at a different way. My site has changed pages to posts and all plugins become disabled. This kills my site as I have a call to a plugin which, when not activated, stops any page being completed (the call is in the sidebar).

    I tried making this call for the plugin function into an if statement, but it made no difference (I’m a bit n00by with PHP, so might not have done this correctly).

    Anyway – I posted my problem as a “pages turn to posts” at but am getting no joy either.

    Looks like our company is gonna change blogging back end shortly anyway 🙁

    Good luck!

    Hey – did you guys fix this problem? It just happened to me this morning?

    We have had this exact problem – all the plug-ins are disabled – and the PAGES have BECOME POSTS. – any ideas or help would be great. Our PAGES now show up under the CATEGORY Blog but are no longer under PAGES.

    We did the upgrade to 2.5 from 2.2 just a few minutes ago – the site works – and now redirects the PAGE urls to the POSTS – which I find odd.

    But we can still not add PAGES and the old PAGES are still POSTS. – is the URL – and we are now on 2.5 – I did backup the MYSQL prior to the upgrade – but I’m not sure how to go back in time and see if that is indeed the issue. From our end there doesn’t seem to be anything of suspect content if we were hacked – but I think we were not and this is some odd bug.

    Are you having any other problems? The problem with pages becoming posts was a symptom I had (among other things) after being attacked with Magic Include Shell. See answers here:

    I seem to have been hit by that Magic Include thingy. I am currently trying to remove the weird file it sticks in the tmp it changes your uploads too.

    As this is on a shared server I think I might need to get in touch with the ISP to have them remove it (I seem unable to).

    Thanks for the link!

    Hey guys, I wrote a plugin to take care of this problem a few months ago and just updated it again yesterday. You can find out more about p2pConverter at my website,

    Hope this helps!

    Brian D. Goad

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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