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  • I’m running a little blog here:
    And I would like to have short “couple of lines” kind of thing on the front page like I will easily have with posts.
    Is it possible or do I need to do that manually?

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  • What do you mean a couple of lines that you could have easy with post but not pages? I am confused, your post is very vague.

    If you want to add a “pinned” could of lines before your blog post on your index page, just edit your index.php page find where the blog content div is at and add a div right before it with the text that you want or you can made the page and call for with a php include.

    the code would look something like this and the page name will coincide with the name of the file “coupleoflines.phph” name in the include

    <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/coupleoflines.php’); ?>

    Sorry… I’m really bad on explaining things even my own language 😀
    I mean that normally wordpress put automatically short versions of post on the frontpage (newer first and so on) but that same doesn’t happen with pages.
    I pretty much just have pages on my “blog” and I would like to have automatically short version (couple of first lines or longer) of my pages to my frontpage.

    Did that explain it any better?

    Yes lol 🙂 excerpts with a click to read more kind of deal?

    “Click to read more” would be good thing to have but I could live without it too. If somebody for some weird reason want to read whole page she/he can click topic/subject line and see whole page… or something.

    Okay so how about a static page (as a front page) with excerpts to all pages? Let me know and if so I will try and work the code for you or find a plugin, I am sure there is one 🙂

    Static page as a front page sounds OK.
    I actually had a short PHP script that listed new pages but it didn’t have that “short version” part it just had subject lines.
    I would be really happy if you could find that kind of plugin =) I have tried but with no luck =(

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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