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    I have created a nutritional therapy website. In my Menu there is a tab called ‘Services’. When you click on this ‘Services’ tab it will take you to a page with subcategories (a page showing all the services I offer). One of them looks like this Accessing this page has been no problem since I created the site about a year ago. But now the page has gone missing and I get a display message that says; Oops! That page can’t be found. I haven’t altered or changed anything in WordPress. It is just that I now can’t access my Services because my page is missing. Which is obviously very bad for business. In my Dashboard I can still see my pages, and they don’t seem to have been deleted. But then why are they not showing properly on my website?? Many thanks for your replies!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • judgerookie


    have you recently changed any titles / slugs for pages?


    for example, in the menu, the link for ‘Health Retreat’ has this link
    but should have (guessing)

    Also, is your menu customised links or taken directly from the pages?



    The theme is Sydney theme and it has custom post type = service, that page is a so called single page (of a post type = service).

    The archive is showing that page but the single page of it returns 404

    Try visiting Dashboard → Settings → Permalinks, just visit and do nothing, then go to that vitamin boosting page again see if it’s now working.

    If that doesn’t do anything, then the problem might be some plugin conflicts or maybe some compat issues after update.

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    Hi, thank you for your help. As far as I am aware I have not changed any titles recently. But I will go in and check just in case. I am still quite new to WordPress, so which ways is the best to go about changing the titles?



    as a starting point, you may find the below helpful:



    if you skim through and then look at the parts which may be appropriate to your scenario, I think you’ll be able to resolve the issue.

    P.S. best to test one idea first before attempting the next change.

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    Hmm, I tried changing the permalinks etc. But it is no different. The pages I created that ‘Services’ should point to only exists on my Dashboard, and not as an actual webpage that you can read. As said, they used to display just fine, but not anymore. I have updated WordPress to the latest version. Still no result. Any other suggestions, thank you?



    Just so i can get a better understanding and hopefully we can fix this;
    From the menu, I believe this is your landing page for Services:

    the three services are:

    also in the main menu, the Health Retreat link goes to:
    but looks like it needs to go to:
    is this correct?

    If this is correct, did you have links on your Services landing page or were they part of the drop down menu under Services?

    I’m assuming your menu in WordPress Dashboard looks or should look like something below:

    • About
    • Services
    1. Health Retreat
    2. Full Body Health MOT
    3. 1:1 Consultations
    • Blog
    • Health Retreat
    • Contact

    And these are all your published pages plus HOME page (Health Retreat in menu is to the same page in Services?)

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    Thank you for the info. I know the Codex page, and understand the principles.

    Yes you are right, my landing page (or the URL) for Services is
    but what the page is showing is wrong.

    My Services tab in the Menu acts as a link, which is supposed to point to the page ( This page normally has a masonry grid on it created with Final Tiles. This grid consists of 4 sub-services:
    -1:1 Nutrition Consultations
    -Boosting Vitamin Injections
    -Weight Loss
    -Diagnostic Testing

    Those are the pages I am missing.

    So for example the first sub-page (that I am missing) -1:1 Nutrition Consultations, has the URL

    The next -Boosting Vitamin Injections, has the URL

    and so forth.

    Again, it is those very pages that are missing!
    If I type in any of those URLs I just get the message: Oops! That page can’t be found.

    This is what does not make sense to me?.. as I can see the pages on my Dashboard.
    Looking a bit like this
    -1:1 Nutrition Consultations
    -Boosting Vitamin Injections
    -Weight Loss
    -Diagnostic Testing

    I have checked the permalinks and re-set them all. My Services page has also always been set as the Parent page. Like I said, the whole system used to work perfectly. I haven’t changed or altered anything. Only the problem I have is that now my Service sub-pages display the ‘Oops! That page can’t be found’ page.

    On top of this existing problem is another issue. The issue is that if you go to my About page (found in the Menu), only about one third of the information about me is there. The rest is missing. I haven’t done anything to it or changed it.

    If you go the Health Retreat page (also found in the Menu), again here, my whole page is actually missing now. Again I haven’t done anything to it or changed it. So technically pages should not just be missing for no reason.

    To get back to the original topic, my Services Landing page is just showing a page of three services. These three services also feature on my home page, where I placed them originally just as an overview that I like to show potential clients on my actual home page – But they are not actual links pointing to anything.

    The only tab that is supposed to point to something is the Services tab in the Menu, which should point you to where you will see the masonry grid of my four sub services.

    Hope this clears things up! Again thank you so much.



    Always a challenge without access to the backend, this is NOT a request to share access.

    I conducted a search without content in the search field and received results as follows (in date order, most recent published to oldest):

    Gallery 8
    which I assume is the grid you are referring to
    the links in the grid seem to be incorrect

    Gallery 7
    which I assume is the previous/old grid
    the links in the grid seem to be partially incorrect

    Three post from July 2017

    Gallery 6
    which I assume is the previous/old grid

    Gallery 4
    THIS ONE IS GIVING A WARNING and not displaying

    Success Stories (parent: home)

    Diagnostic Testing (parent: services) GIVES ERROR 404 PAGE
    Weight Loss (parent: services) GIVES ERROR 404 PAGE
    Scandinavian Health Retreat (parent: services) GIVES ERROR 404 PAGE
    1:1 Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation (parent: services) GIVES ERROR 404 PAGE
    Boosting Vitamin Injections (parent: services) GIVES ERROR 404 PAGE
    see also below emboldened pages

    Karen Worthington (parent: testimonials)
    Tom Haug (parent: testimonials)
    Alexandra Jess (parent: testimonials)

    1:1 Consultations (parent: services)
    Full Body Health MOT (parent: services)
    Health Retreat (parent: services)






    Sample Page

    You may want to consider having a look at the Galleries and deleting Gallery 4 as it seems to be creating some conflict.
    If this resolves it, yay!
    If not:
    Delete unwanted galleries.
    If this resolves it, yay!
    If not:
    Delete unwanted pages.
    If this resolves it, yay!
    If not:
    If you still have problems, get in touch with Sydney’s support or post on the Sydney forum as it is likely a Sydney expert will pick up on this.

    Best of luck!



    Joining this thread. I am experiencing similar issue and have tried the above suggest solutions to no avail. My solution has been to rollback via site archives / snap shots from earlier in the week – but this is only a triage.


    –I am guessing this started in the last few days? (my issue started two days ago)

    –Updated to WP 4.9.4. Are you also updated to 4.9.4?

    –My missing page is only / strictly a page template and has no content within the CMS (empty body in the WYSIWYG). Is this similar for your missing page?

    –plugins (offering this in case our plugins are similar and we may find a commonality). Advanced Custom Fields (both free and pro) along with a number of other related ACF related plugins. JetPack, VaultPress, Varnish,
    Gravity Forms and few others

    Recommendation: I am installing wpsecurityauditlog to watch and see what’s happening. Perhaps it will be helpful for you too.




    I added a log event viewer to my site (WP Security Audit Log). It allowed me to see / determine that my client (admin login) was actually DELETING the page!?!? And did it twice – two days in a row. My client no longer has admin rights. 🙂

    Hope this suggestion helps you

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