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    A client has just completed moving their website (built by my company) to their internal infrastructure and there is considerable lag before pages load – there’s an approximate 7 second time to first byte. They client has a suspicion that this is down to a connection between the WordPress installation and S3. Question – on page load, does the plugin try to make any kind of connection with S3 on the front end? Is there something more than just loading in the assets from S3 that’s at work?

    Many thanks

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  • I just tried switching off the plugin on the production website. It went from a TTFB time of 7.5s to 800ms! See these images:

    Plugin activated
    Plugin deactivated

    Can anyone please help with this? Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

    PS here’s the diagnostic info:

    site_url(): https://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/wp
    home_url(): https://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Database Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Table Prefix: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    WordPress: 5.4.1
    Web Server: Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)
    PHP: 7.3.19
    MySQL: 5.5.5
    ext/mysqli: yes
    PHP Memory Limit: 128M
    WP Memory Limit: 40M
    Memory Usage: 5 MB
    Blocked External HTTP Requests: None
    WP Locale: en_US
    Organize offloads by month/year: Enabled
    WP_DEBUG: No
    WP Max Upload Size: 128 MB
    PHP Time Limit: 60
    PHP Error Log: /dev/stderr
    WP Cron: Enabled
    fsockopen: Enabled
    allow_url_fopen: Enabled
    OpenSSL: OpenSSL 1.1.1d 10 Sep 2019
    cURL: 7.64.0
    Zlib Compression: Enabled
    PHP GD: bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
    Imagick: Enabled
    Basic Auth: Disabled
    Proxy: Disabled

    Media Files: 813 (paths 813)
    Offloaded Media Files: 813 (paths 813)
    Not Offloaded Media Files: 0 (paths 0)
    Note: Approximate values, paths *try* and discard duplicates.

    Number of Image Sizes: 13

    Names and Dimensions of Image Sizes:
    thumbnail (150×150)
    medium (300×300)
    large (1024×1024)
    1536×1536 (1536×1536)
    2048×2048 (2048×2048)
    small-square (60×60)
    medium-square (300×300)
    large-square (600×600)
    collage (569×380)
    collage-with-quote (452×333)
    card (600×340)
    single-hero (900×600)

    WP_CONTENT_DIR: /var/www/html/web/app
    WP_CONTENT_URL: https://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/app
    UPLOADS: Not defined
    WP_PLUGIN_DIR: /var/www/html/web/app/plugins
    WP_PLUGIN_URL: https://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/app/plugins

    AS3CF_PROVIDER: Not defined
    AS3CF_BUCKET: Not defined
    AS3CF_REGION: Not defined
    AS3CF_SETTINGS: Defined
    AS3CF_SETTINGS Keys: access-key-id, provider, secret-access-key

    Local URL:
    Offload URL:

    Provider: Amazon Web Services
    Use Server Roles: Off
    Key File Path: N/A
    Access Keys Set: Yes
    Access Key ID Define: Not defined
    Secret Access Key Define: Not defined

    Bucket: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Region: eu-central-1

    Copy Files to Bucket: On
    Enable Path: On
    Custom Path: app/uploads/
    Use Year/Month: On
    Object Versioning: On

    Rewrite Media URLs: On
    Enable Custom Domain (CDN): On
    Custom Domain (CDN): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com
    Force HTTPS: On

    Remove Files From Server: On

    Active Theme Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Active Theme Version: 1.0
    Active Theme Folder: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Active Plugins:
    ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO (v2.3.0) by Thomas Kräftner, ViktorFroberg, marol87, pekz0r, angrycreative, Team Yoast
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO (v5.8.9) by Elliot Condon
    Classic Editor (v1.5) by WordPress Contributors
    Duplicate Post (v3.2.4) by Enrico Battocchi
    Instagram Feed Pro Developer (v5.5) by Smash Balloon
    Safe SVG (v1.9.9) by Daryll Doyle
    WP Offload Media Lite (v2.3.2) by Delicious Brains
    Wordfence Security (v7.4.7) by Wordfence
    Yoast SEO (v14.0.4) by Team Yoast

    Must-use Plugins:
    Bedrock Autoloader (v1.0.0) by Roots
    Disallow Indexing (v1.0.0) by Roots
    Register Theme Directory (v1.0.0) by Roots

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    Question – on page load, does the plugin try to make any kind of connection with S3 on the front end?


    Is there something more than just loading in the assets from S3 that’s at work?

    WP Offload Media Lite isn’t loading the media from S3, the browser will do that, but what you’re seeing is a delay in delivering the HTML to the browser.

    Can you use something like the Query Monitor plugin to see whether there are any database issues?

    Where’s the database in relation to the PHP server, same machine or another one?

    Have you tried turning on WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG to see if any errors are being thrown?

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for coming back to me. All sorted. I think we chatted via email…?

    Plugin Contributor ianmjones


    Awesome, wasn’t sure!

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