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  • OK. I know that error messages have been discussed to death here but I’m having what seems to be a unique problem.

    I have a few Pages on my site that are giving me an “Error 404 page, post, or resource can not be found” message if I have my permalinks set to anything other than “Default”. Only my main pages under my “Portfolio” tab on the homepage menu (ie: Photography, Decorating, Artwork) are giving me this error when clicked. These pages’ SUB-pages however are working just fine along with all the other posts, archives, etc. on my site. You can take a look Currently I have my permalinks set to “Post”.

    I have tried custom permalinks and all the other permalink options under settings and nothing will work except for default. Which is icky. What do I need to do to get these pages to show up AND allow me to use pretty permalinks? Please dumb down your answers. I’m just learning. 😉 Thanks!

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  • Your site is working fine (with your custom permalinks). Clear cache and check again.

    Is it really? Because I cleared my cache and checked again and still see the same error messages on the same pages. Any thoughts on why that is? Thanks so much for your reply!

    Then, try to access your site using another computer. The site is OK even at this moment.

    Super weird. Hm. Thanks. I’ll try it and let you know…

    Ok. So I had several people try to access those pages on my site from their own computers and they are all receiving error messages as well. Are you sure that you are looking at the right pages? All pages on my site work fine with the exception of the “Photography”, “Decorating”, and “Artwork” pages under the portfolio tab in the main menu on the homepage. Here are the links to those pages. Let me know what you see.

    Yes, the 3 links above are giving 404 errors.

    Can you reset permalinks to something else and see if they work? You can reset them after that. Once you try this, and if it does not solve the issue we can look for the other possibilities.

    I tried all the permalinks settings again and the only 2 that work are “Default” and “Month and Name”. “Default” won’t do because its ugly, but I suppose I could keep it set to “Month and Name”. Thats not too bad. Why do you think these are the only 2 settings that are working for those pages?

    Ok. I lied. Now the “Month and Date” settings are no longer working, plus when set to those settings all of my galleries won’t come up in gallery view. 🙁 No bueno. So at this point the only setting that works is “Default” and that ain’t gonna fly. Thoughts?

    Also, now, no matter what my permalinks are set to, none of my galleries are popping up in a gallery view. The images just open as a thumbnail image on a separate page. I don’t know why this is happening suddenly. This is all getting very frustrating.



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    Check with your hosts that mod_rewrite is running on your server.

    I have Linux hosting so I think mod_rewrite is running by default. I’m really really not very website savvy yet though and don’t exactly know where to look to make sure.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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