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  • Hello guys,

    So I have archives and categories on noindex but the problem is I see etc… that are indexed on SERP and I don’t know how to disable that, they have all the blogs that I published and they’re numbered.

    Anyone knows where to no-index that? I searched all settings but still nothing…

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  • Hi, you’ll need to use noindex in your theme header along with PHP to control which pages it appears on. Here’s a helpful guide that goes over this exact thing.

    @wurpe can’t Yoast do that for you?

    @stefsternyc you’re absolutely right, thanks for mentioning that. I guess I should have asked *how* he did noindex since it seems those pages are still appearing in Google. If it was through Yoast then he will need to either contact Yoast SEO or do it the manual way (the one I described in my previous reply). Otherwise, the Yoast plugin as you mentioned would be the simplest way.

    Yeah. I love Yoast for that. I’d also suggest adding a sitemap.xml so that he or she tells Google what they want scanned.

    I think Yoast can do that as well.

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