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    New to wordpress –
    I am using WordPress as a website/blog – my opening page I have an opening paragraph that describes my business and site platform – I added this paragraph as a post, however I have turned off Comments and Pings since that is not necessary. Once I publish the page under the paragraph I see a line that says “Comments Off” how can I turn this off?

    Also I have set up some “Pages” that are general info about my company – once published I also get a line thats says “Comment are closed” – how can this be removed?

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  • You have to edit the pages in the theme.

    Likely ones to try are
    index.php and pages.php

    I suggest you make a copy of each, so in case you make a mistake you can restore the original version. You then have to find the code in the PHP file that displays “comments off” and “comments are closed” (it will be two different files, one in each file) and delete it. If you are not familiar with editing in a PHP file, make sure you don’t delete any of the surrounding code, just that text. Then save the file and refresh your live page display and see if you have removed the text in question.

    You may find it is now leaving a blank line where the text was previously. In that case you will need to delete more of the code that surrounded the text you deleted. As long as you are making copies of the “before” state, you can restore if you find you messed something up.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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