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    I need to have a page called “Movies”, show exactly the same information as the frontpage. Well doesnt have to be exact, but I at least need to be able to edit it.

    Step 1:
    I created a Page Template called “Movies” which I thought would work because I copied the code from index.php into movies.php and it almost worked. The only problem is it displays each post in full, when I really need it to display only the content above <–more–>… obviously <–more–> does not work in pages :\

    Step 2:
    Not pretty, I added a redirect in movies.php back to the front-page. Works but ultimately sucks and I dont like doing things like this…

    Any ideas, suggestions, or solutions?

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  • Have you tried using the_excerpt() instead of the_content()? That way you are forcing just a part of the text to be shown.

    but ultimately my excerpt() is blank…. I thought you had to fill out a portion of the excerpt for that to work?

    In the template tag, the_excerpt(), it says:

    If you do not provide an explicit excerpt to a post (in the post editor’s optional excerpt field), it will display a teaser which refers to the first 55 words of the post’s content.

    As MichaelH said, the_excerpt() recalls part of the text.

    If you want to have more control over the_excerpt() you can search for plugin “The excerpt reloaded” which pulls not only plain text, but format content like images and tags (bold, paragraph, etc).

    It depends on the use you want to get out of it. Good luck!

    ok thanks!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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