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    I’m new to WordPress and i need a bit of help.

    This is my site: Ministry Of Beauty

    The site is ported to a simple WordPress theme containing:
    /js (javascript)
    /img (images)

    The site navigation is solved by javascript and the hole site is like
    1 page with content dynamically hidden and shown by javascript functions.

    Please navigate to the beauty page on the site to see how it look like.

    So on the beauty page there is content and i would like to display that content with WordPress as a page.

    The question:

    How do i make a template of that content?

    How do i display that content as a page?
    (What code do i have to write to define the area in <div id=”bcontainer”> </div> as the area where i want to add a new page.
    Do i have to use a wordpress loop?)

    How is the same above done with posts?

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