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  • johndoe01


    I am experimenting the same. Works partially, some categories pass between pages, some don’t. Since some categories have sublevels that makes it trickier.
    Unfortunately due the quantity of categories and sublevels (75 in total) i had no chance that alter the Core file that allows the pagination that shows more than 20 items. (wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php || line 765)

    protected function get_items_per_page( $option, $default = 20 ) {

    I’m aware that such trick will be undone once WordPress is updated but if your list has a large amount of entries that allow your list be displayed in full or a large part which permits you to edit the list and drag what you need.

    This, is more of a problem of WordPress itself, because shows the pages BUT NOT how many items can show so these kind of issues could be taken care of, issue that doesn’t happen in (for example) Joomla, which has such pagination option right into the package out of the box.

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    This feels like a Policeman entering into a raid through the fence while the door could be opened.

    Above in screen options there is the choice of Show the Number of Items for Page.

    Although, The Drag and Drop between Items (Categories, Posts, etc), besides the show number items (FULLY VISIBLE!), should be available out of the box on WordPress.

    Plugin Author Freddie


    Hey @johndoe01 and @alx359,

    So what you’re saying is you’d like an option where you can set the number of items per page for the tags that you’re using in this plugin? 🙂

    Sorry for the late reply but I have an update for this in the works already because the docs have an example of something just like that:

    add_filter('set-screen-option', 'myFilterScreenOption', 10, 3);
    function myFilterScreenOption($keep, $option, $value) {
        if ($option === 'myitem_per_page') {
            if ($value < 0) {
                $value = 0;
            } elseif ($value > 100) {
                $value = 100;
        return $value;
    Plugin Author Freddie


    Hey y’all,

    Here’s a beta release that allows you to have 500 items per page would that work for your purposes?

    Let me know what you think! Starting WordPress 5.5 you can just upload this version of the plugin and WP will allow you to replace the live version without deactivating.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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