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  • Hi there:

    I’ve had a very good run with WP at but today, the pages only load partially.

    AFAIK the only plug-in I updated today was Artiss Social Bookmarks but view source reveals that it stops before it hits the code for that.

    I have cleared the cache, disabled Artiss, and cleared the Cloudflare cache numerous times. (I’ve since re-enabled Artiss since it doesn’t seem to be the cause of the problem. My other WP sites are working without any problems, so it could still be Artiss and the cache was not cleared out properly.)

    If I load on Windows 7, the page stops right after showing the related posts. If I load on Windows XP, the page will load the WP stats linktracker and show the smiley face, but stops right after that. I haven’t tried other platforms yet though I have tried IE9 and Firefox with the same result. I have tried using different proxy servers in case it was DNS but that has made no difference, either.

    I’ve never had anything happen like this before and I am usually OK at troubleshooting, but not today!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?



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  • An update: it turns out it was Artiss Social Bookmarks. I downgraded to v. 3.1.2 and the pages are back to normal. I have notified the plug-in author.

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