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  • Hi,
    we discovered last night that our site had stopped letting us view pages on our site. When you click them it will usually change the title but sometimes it doesnt even do that, but always throws up a 404 error. I’ve been through disabling plugins and checking code we have changed but nothing has been added or changed that would make this happen. We can’t even view a page using pre-permalink links. Posts are working fine and all plugins are displaying, its just the page’s themselves.
    We’ve also come across another problem, Widgets seem to be disabling themselves every few hours and we have to keep putting them back in the dynamic sidebar. Has anyone come across or know a way of fixing either of these problems?

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  • Checked the error log and I think it could be something to do with this below…

    [16-Jun-2007 16:35:27] PHP Warning: strtotime() [function.strtotime]: Called with an empty time parameter. in /home/coop/public_html/incomingsound/wp-includes/link-template.php on line 75

    I’m no php expert but isn’t line 75 something to do with a post being a draft?

    if ( '' != $permalink && 'draft' != $post->post_status ) {
    		$unixtime = strtotime($post->post_date);

    Right can ignore that thing about strtotime it’s nothing to do with that as nothing is going into the error log after clicking the links…

    Anyone have any clue at all to why this might be happening? This is getting really annoying now. We can convert our pages to posts for now but it would be better to have pages and posts available to use…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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