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  • yongfook


    I made a special page template to work as a “Big Archive” – basically a chronological list of everything that I’ve ever written. It’s not very useful, but more for posturing (i.e. to show how much content there is at a glance).

    Anyway it works fine…until I try to go to the next page…then I get an error!

    If I go to my “big archive” at


    I can see a working list of posts. However if I try to go any earlier by clicking the previous button which takes me to


    I get an ERROR 404 message in the template (not a standard blank 404, which would imply mod rewrite isn’t working properly). That is, I get a 404 error in the template where the next page’s content should be, with all the graphics etc surrounding that box completely intact.

    Any ideas why this isn’t working? Or is this just a limitation with these static pages?

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  • yongfook


    oh and if there is an easier way to make a big archive of everything without making a page template like I did, I’m all ears!



    I have the same problem. When I try to use the format index.php?pagename=name&paged=2 it pulls up a page that is using the page.php template. If I delete the page.php template it tries to use the index.php page and returns the standard “Sorry, no post match your criteria” message.

    I am having the same problem… anybody have a solution for creating a “big archive” of all posts, paginated?

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