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  • ok, my original post in this thread went rogue so here it is again.

    I’ve created a blog at Unfortunately, new pages that I am creating are not appearing on the site for some reason.

    For example, this page is not appearing at all in the navigation for some reason even if it’s set to “main page” as the pre set.

    Can someone please look into the issue to hopefully help me?

    Thank you

    I think we’re going to need more info than that. Are you using a template? If so, which one? When you create your pages they are not showing up in the pages “list” on your site?

    yes that is exactly right, the new pages are not showing up in the list.

    I am having trouble seeing my in this forum today, can you all see the content from my original post? If not here is a reiterated version:

    New pages are not being able to be seen in my blog site. The “about us” page here: is not viewable on the actual site located here:

    I was able to do this before without any problems.

    I am using the “shades of blue” theme.


    So, it looks like the pages will show up if I use a different theme, but not in my “shades of blue” theme that I would like. Does anyone have ideas on what I might be able to add so that they appear in my “shades of blue” theme?

    Also, I think I misunderstood Monkeymynd’s question, the pages are showing up in the

  • attribute in the source code, but they are not viewable on the page itself. It’s weird, because some of the pages are appearing fine but just not the last “About Us” one.


I downloaded the theme to look at the code, but I don’t have a testing setup here. Just a wild guess though…it appears as if the tabs start in the middle of the theme. I’m thinking that the total width of all of the tabs is too wide to fit the 6th tab in. Just for grins, shorten the titles on the tabs…like, change “Get Involved” to just “Get” and then see if they fit. I’m guessing they will. You may have to edit the template so that the tabs begin farther to the left.

Just did a little more digging, and that does seem to be the problem. You can see the comments here of people having the same problem.

Search on the word “tab”

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been a little busy.

Anyways, thank you so much monkeymynd, I got the pages to work right with your help. I messed with the css a little allowing for the nav to expand it’s width.

Thanks again for investigating the issue and letting me know how to fix it. I really appreciate it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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