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Pages not showing

  • Im using the cleanbreeze theme and when your in a page with it, The pages disappear. Look: http://r0x0rz.info/wordpress.

    scroll down to pages in sidebar…Their blank (View the source). The link has no title for some reason..How do I fix it/whats the prob/

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  • <li id="pagenav"><h2>Pages</h2><ul><li class="page_item current_page_item"><a href="http://r0x0rz.info/wordpress/" title=""></a>

    This tells me 1) you haven’t made any Pages or 2) the wp_list_pages() tag isn’t done right:


    I made about 2 or 3 pages…I think 2. and one of them is in the code above. http://r0x0rz.info/wordpress. You see how there isnt no text between the <a href="#"></a>? And Im using this code:

    <ul id="links">
    <?php wp_list_pages('title_li=<h2>Pages</h2>'); ?>
    <!--mfunc get_links_list()--><?php get_links_list(); ?><!--/mfunc-->

    <li><a href="http://www.silktide.com/report.php?url=http://r0x0rz.info"><img src="http://sitescore.silktide.com/index.php?siteScoreUrl=http://r0x0rz.info"
    alt="Silktide SiteScore for this website" border="0" /></a></li>

    I have tried doing:

    <?php wp_list_pages(); ?>

    but its still blank.

    I don’t know what plugin or whatever you are running just below the list pages function, but that might be interferring. Might be work a try to remove it.

    And carefully go through the Codex’s wp_list_pages() instructions and try copying some of their examples in to see if you can get SOMETHING to work.

    And maybe someone more familiar with the tag will jump in with a good fix for you.

    In Firefox you have the shoved down menu effect as well.

    XeroCool, I was having the same trouble and it was driving me crazy! By way of other discussions, I was led to this page:


    Here you will find what I think you are experiencing. Once you replace these files (as it suggests):


    with the modified code at the site, you should get your pages back. Once I did, I got’em back.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

    Going to try it now. Thanks.

    davincim, BANG up job! Worked beautifully for me. Things broke when I loaded the juicy theme. Replacing the two files with the new revisions worked.


    hmmm if I trade out those two files, then I get the following in my admin panel:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/traveler/2qroadtrips-www/wp-includes/template-functions-post.php:2) in /home/traveler/2qroadtrips-www/wp-admin/admin.php on line 6

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/traveler/2qroadtrips-www/wp-includes/template-functions-post.php:2) in /home/traveler/2qroadtrips-www/wp-admin/admin.php on line 7

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/traveler/2qroadtrips-www/wp-includes/template-functions-post.php:2) in /home/traveler/2qroadtrips-www/wp-admin/admin.php on line 8

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/traveler/2qroadtrips-www/wp-includes/template-functions-post.php:2) in /home/traveler/2qroadtrips-www/wp-admin/admin.php on line 9

    OK thanks. Fixed headers. Replaced files with ones noted in davincim’s post but still getting 404 error for my page.

    I couldn’t find any links to your pages on your site…
    (btw, your
    <blockquote> is wider than the content area – the end of the lines is cut off)

    yeah that is the issue. If you look up at top of the template, you will see link 1, link 2, they are all set to my about-us page. But if you click, you get the 404 error. Even though dashboard shows the page created. I have tried this with several different themes that have the pages function included but alas, get 404 on every one of em.

    Sorry, no links at the top. (IE6 here)

    hmmm i changed templates again. Using Amsterdam. List the slug under the pages section but clicking on it gives the dreaded 404.

    AHA!!! It was an issue with my permalinks structure.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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