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  • Any reason why my pages do not show on my site.

    I downloaded plugin Event Manager and my dashboard disappeared.

    To delete the Event Manager, I had to delete the Event Manager folder from my File Manager from the server.

    Now my Dashboard shows but my Pages are not showing. I am getting error message Nothing Found (Page not found).

    Please help.

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  • Trying flushing the permalinks by going to WordPress admin –> Settings –> Permalinks.

    Also are all of your WordPress pages set to published?

    Wonder if it could have left some database stragglers from the improper plugin delete. Does it make a difference to switch themes? Also try running “WP Optimize”
    And clean up the DB. Sometimes even reinstalling the core files from your update-core.php page will fix goofy problems like that. Just be sure you back things up first.

    Thank you very much. It worked by changing the permalinks.

    Pages work now but unfortunately BuddyPress does not work. Gives an an error 404 not found.

    I’m spitballing here. But there could be a chance resetting the permalinks over-wrote the entries for BuddyPress in the .htacess file. Wondering if simply re-saving your BuddyPress settings would write them back in.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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