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  • Just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. I had a couple of pages (about me, contact) that were working fine in the past, but now the page content is not displaying – just my header, footer, and sidebar.

    Everything looks fine in Firefox but, IE and Chrome are doing the same thing. Any suggestions? (one of the pages not working)


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  • Your about page is working fine, but showing recent posts only (checked in IE)

    No, this page –
    is definitely not showing up correctly. I have verified on 2 different computers. I even deleted the old page in the control panel and recreated it and it still doesnt show up right.

    yes that’s it. What you’re seeing there are the sidebar links. If you view the same page in Firefox you’ll see a short blurb I wrote, also the sidebar is positioned correctly.

    Remove this “<!–uncomment for header tags–” from your page.php template.
    This commenting tag hasn’t been closed in your set up (though it has been correctly closed in the theme, which I checked up). It is doing the mischief. Firefox is playing buddy, being tolerant in ignoring the commenting out.


    Aha – I was looking everywhere for this, but forgot rule #1 – VALIDATE the html! Thanks for your help kichu, Everything seems to be working now.

    Edit – Actually I remember now why I removed the closing tags – They were being displayed because one of the previous tags isnt closed correctly.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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