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    So I’m not sure where the pages are supposed to save after I’ve installed wordpress onto my server – I assume into the wordpress folder… but the program doesn’t seem to be creating these pages right. The newest entries show up on my website in the browser like they’re supposed to – but if I try to look for older “archived” articles, I get an error saying it can’t locate the file (and this makes sense because they don’t seem to be saved anywhere in my wordpress folder). So why isn’t WordPress creating these folders and files on my server like it is supposed to? Why can I see any blog entries at all if it isn’t creating these folders/files? I be confused.

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  • wordpress saves your entires in a database. it doesn’t create physical files like MovableType. So, if you examine your file structure via FTP you won’t see your entires.

    Errors like the one you’ve mentioned are often caused by mod_rewrite not being installed properly (and prettylinks turned on). Or, your apache http.conf file is set so that directory permissions cannot be overridden.

    First, try turning of pretty links to see if your site shows up properly. To do this, log into wordpress and go to Options->Permalinks. Make sure you’re set to “default”. If you’re set to anything other than default, change it to default and save. Go back to your site and see if you can access archives and such.

    If you can, then either mod_rewrite is not installed or your apache configuration file is hosed. Check the apache conf first. You want to make sure that the <directory> is set to allow an overwrite.

    The codex has a long discourse on all of these options (including steps to fix the problem).

    Best of luck!

    – Jamie

    thanks. that worked straight up.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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