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    I’ll echo something I see here that has not been resolved I guess. I have an open ticket over at Cozmos but judging by my last ticket it won’t get a response either.

    The Client Portal plugin is a great idea. But I cannot understand for the life of me why it creates a P O S T. Yes people, a post.

    So I spend $300 on all their plugins and add this nice little freebie that says it will create private “pages” that I can use as a portal. ( it even defaults to this in their settings “private-page”) But when you run it you get POSTS.. posts!!! So apparently there is a world where people would have their client portal be a blog entry?! This has got to be some massive misunderstanding or user error on my part because I find it very hard to believe this exists. Can someone please point me in the right direction as far as config goes to get the feature of this plugin that claims to create user-specific private PAGES to create PAGES and not POSTS. I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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  • Hello Ben,

    It is hard to understand what the actual problem is, so please explain in more detail.

    All WordPress pages are actually posts, with the post-type “page”. Even media library items are posts, with the post-type “attachment”. Pretty much any content in WordPress is saved into the database as posts, with various post-types.

    Our Client Portal pages are created as posts with the post-type “private-page”.

    Again, this is probably not the actual problem, so I am not understanding correctly, and I ask to please explain in more detail.

    With the best of wishes,
    Gabriel @ Cozmoslabs

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    Please see my response to your reply to my ticket. I have zero appreciation for your sarcasm and after you read my response I’ll bet you have zero appreciation for mine as well.

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    Oh I just couldn’t help myself –

    What Pages Are Not

    Pages are not posts, so they don’t appear in the time-structured views within a blog section of a website.

    that’s from the first page of the WordPress codex.

    Hello Ben,

    I was kind of sure that I’m probably not understanding the situation properly, and so I was asking for clarification.

    I’ll check out your private answer and continue the conversation there.

    Best regards,

    For future reference:

    I have finally understood what Ben wanted.

    He was upset about the single.php template in the theme being used by default for our private pages. He wanted to use the page.php template instead.

    A simple solution for this is to create a duplicate of your theme’s page.php and name it single-private-page.php


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