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  • Hi

    I’m making my first wordpress site. I used WordPress anniversary theme.

    I tried to create a couple of pages to see in menu. Then i removed the pages. But the page name are still showing in top menu. The pages are Reviews and home. How can I remove it from the menu.

    In backend when i click on pages there are no pages. But still these two links show in menu.

    *** Also is there a way for me to go str8 to my posts in this forum. I have a hard to time to find out where my posts are.**


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  • Ravi


    Go to and see if you have those page links in the menu. You can remove them there.

    You can track your forum posts at

    Thanks Ravi

    I checked. There is no menu items at still its showing two items on my webpage

    Yes the link for my forum posts is good.

    I even clicked on delete menu. Still it shows two items.

    Are you perhaps using a server cache plugin or method?

    I don’t know what is a server cache plugin. Maybe something that got installed or linked with the theme…

    These two names Home and Reviews are just not going from there….



    //I tried to create a couple of pages to see in menu. //

    How did you try this?

    You could have done this through editing the theme header.php or adding a widget with links to the header area.

    If you are not sure about cache plugins, disable all plugins and see.

    I created a new menu item called “Navigation”. Added two pages to the menu – “Home” and “Reviews”

    Then Later i wanted to remove it. I deleted pages Home and Reviews. They were still there. Then I deleted the menu item Navigation. But its still there.

    In plugins i just have Akismet installed. That too I dont know know how. I can deactivate that too. WOuld that help?

    To get rid of the menu items i had to change the theme. Now I don’t know how can i link the home button to the main page.

    When i click the home button i get error.

    Any help. its a personal project. No earnings. Just to learn wordpress creating a personal blog.

    I don’t know much about wordpress. just started on it. very confused.


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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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