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  • Symptoms: A number of pages that are grouped children of another page will not load, instead I get a 404 message saying page not found.

    Environment: WordPress 3.03 Theme: TwentyTen


    I had a system of pages grouped under a main page –
    Main Page – Library
    Sub Page – Video Subjects
    Sub Page – Glossary
    etc. etc.

    These pages all displayed correctly, THEN

    I experimented with the menu system in the dashboard and added some new subpages for the library using a qualification such as custom taxonomy – for instance a new page might have been characterized by checking taxonomy items for Video and Finance. This worked as expected.

    However, when I returned to the original sub pages – for example Video Subjects – they cannot be found by the browser – a 404 message is displayed.

    The pages are still present on the WordPress dashboard

    None of the pages grouped under the library page will display. Adding a new page produces the same result, Page Not Found.
    However, if I move a sub page and make it a top level page then it is found by the browser.

    Clearly my experiment with the Menu created some sort of problem but I’ve no idea what it might have done or, more importantly, how to fix it.

    I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to unblock the pages that will not display.

    Things I’ve Tried

    • Removing the experimental pages
    • Removing the library section of the menu and replacing it, but with the same name
    • Adding a new page in the library – can’t be found
    • Moving several pages from the library to the top level –pages then load into the browser


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