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[resolved] Pages not available in drop-down... (5 posts)

  1. crzyhrse
    Posted 1 year ago #

    In the "Use Profiles from This form" drop-down, the two pages that do have a profile set are not available, and seven of twelve published pages that do not have Intelliwidget profiles set are available... Of the seven "available" pages one is a full width page and six are default pages with sidebars.

    The five not available are the two with intelliwidget profiles set, both default pages with sidebars, two full width pages (one the "home" page), and another default page with sidebar but without a profile set. There is not a "blog" page, post pages being used in some other ways...

    Three posts are published, all three now with Intelliwidget profiles set, and they are also available as choices in the Use Profiles from This form drop-down... Also before their profiles were set they were available...

    The drop-downs are identical on all posts and pages...

    Prior to doing some editing on the three posts, their profiles were set from just the drop-down via one of the two now missing pages that have profiles set, and doing fine... So I know that choice was available when I published the pages yesterday, and likely the other page with a profile set was available as a choice then as well...

    Somewhere in the process of editing the three posts today the choices disappeared... Italics is set up for the three posts as mentioned in another thread here, and all that was and is working great...

    I have set one post now with it's own individual profile, and am presently able to set the other two posts from that, OK so far... Maybe it will stay that way, and if not the interim workaround if more comes up missing will be to set each page or post individually...

    Hoping this is clear and detailed enough to be helpful...

    Kind regards...


  2. crzyhrse
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Discovered the 1.05 update soon after posting here... It has not fixed it, but it has changed things a bit... What is "available" in the drop-down now is four choices, two out of the three posts pages mentioned above with profiles set, plus two of the default pages with sidebars that have no profiles set...

    It has left things as before in the sense of two posts still being set from a third with a profile, and two pages being set with their own profiles...

    Of the two posts in the drop-down one is the one with a profile set, and one is one of the two getting its settings from it...

  3. crzyhrse
    Posted 1 year ago #

    First sorry, should have typed 2.05 above... The version earlier today when I posted this topic was 2.04... Won't be able to send you shots of that behavior now of course, but will send shots of things as they are now, coming in a bit...

  4. lilaeamedia
    Plugin Author

    Posted 1 year ago #

    John, IntelliWidget ignores password-protected posts completely. v.2.0.5 now lets you use private posts for authenticated users, but not password-protected.



  5. crzyhrse
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thanks for this, as well as out email exchange... Always learning... How else would we know we are alive... ? :-)

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