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  • Hi
    I would like to clean up the look of my site:
    1. I cant remove the dashed box around the Pages menu area. I’ve tried replacing the color settings to match the background color and still doesn’t seem to change it. Any ideas?

    2. There are links in the top left of all my posts which say: Permalink (blue text color), and I would like to remove that. Where can I locate that and how do I get it to go away?

    Also, any other ideas and suggestions would be super appreciated I’m learning this stuff.


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  • 1.

    div#menu1 {
    border: none;

    1. Go to Appearance > Atahualpa Options > Header Area > Menu 1. In the field that’s labeled Border around all menu items, remove the word dashed, then click the Save Changes button at the bottom.

    2. That’s very strange. You didn’t happen to title all of your posts Permalink, did you? Or have you modified the theme files in some way? If you remove the word Permalink, your users won’t be able to get to the individual post. Or did you intend to have just one page that had a series of pictures without anyone going to an individual post? In that case, you should have created a static page that contains all of the pictures instead of individual posts.

    1. I deleted the word dashed, but it still is there!! Could it have gotten changed in the code somehow?

    2. Thanks! I didnt title any of the posts nor did I want them to be clickable, but now I realize that that inhibits the sharability of the blog. I should be able to either title the posts something better than “permalink”, or make the image clickable to a link, maybe that will get the permalink text to go away too. I retitled the first post as 1…

    thanks for the ideas

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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