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    I am on a shared host (Dreamhost) but get fast page load times (without using AAPL) if using WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. Using AAPL however, my page load times slow down dramatically using either cache plugin. Checking the W3 Total Cache logs, I see that the pages and Database calls are indeed loading from the cache even when using AAPL. Also, I tried Ajax Page Loader for comparison and page load times were extremely fast with this outdated, abandoned plugin. I know AAPL is based on Ajax Page Loader so I’m surprised to see this difference in page load times between the two plugins. Any idea as to what is going on or how I might fix?

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  • I am also having some problems with the high loading times.

    Individually, the pages load fine, but when AAPL is used it takes much longer.
    Not sure if it’s the actual transition function/animation that slows everything down…

    Did you reached any conclusion?

    I ended up not using WP for this site so the problem became moot. Sorry I can’t help further.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Hey Tiago, could I see the site with AAPL enabled so I can try and figure out whats taking so long?


    Hello Dean,

    I have the exact same problem that “whyameye” described. AAPL works like a charm, I also managed to deal with the reload codes – that absolutely sets this plugin apart from the old “Ajax Page Loader” but it takes too long in my taste. Even if pages only contain text or are reloaded just before.

    Here is the development URL to my site:

    Can you help? I don’t really need any smooth transitions. Or at least could live with ultra-fast transitions. I have tried to play with the JS file but didn’t get ahead with it.

    Thanks a lot, Arne



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    I’m back to using WP so am revisiting this issue. I am using WP Super Cache with mod_rewrite as the cache method and this seems to be where the problem is. It appears from testing that when using AAPL the cache is not used, explaining the slow loading times. If I use AJAX Page Loader 1.5 then the loading times are slow on a first load of each page but after that, because of the cache, they are very fast. I’d prefer to use AAPL because it is has more advanced features, a more active/supportive developer, bigger user base and I like that it updates the url in the status bar.

    Thanks in advance for any insight on this.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    In the next version I will be utilizing AJAX caching, but still will not help you as you say “first load” is slow, this may be because the cache plugin you use is not treating AJAX requests like normal web requests and isnt serving cached data.

    Have you asked them for an explanation?

    Sorry, I think I wasn’t clear. Using either WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache plugins:

    Ajax Page Loader 1.5: 1st load of any page is slow, as in seems uncached. Then subsequent loads of that same page are very fast, as in seems cached. This is expected behavior to me as the first load is when the caching happens by the cache plugin design.

    AAPL: 1st load and all subsequent loads of that same page are slow, as in always seem uncached, despite the cache plugin. This is unexpected behavior. I would have expected the same behavior as Ajax Page Loader 1.5


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