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    I am in the process of moving one of my sites from Nucleus because it won’t do multiple categories easily – or at all. I have set up some pages which are essentially a brief intro to each category. One of them is called ‘Home Page’ I would like this to appear at the top of the list – but it doesn’t even though I have made it number 1 in ‘page order’

    How can I arrange the page listing in the way I want and secondly;

    how can I make the ‘home page’ the first page on entering the website? I don’t seem to be able to find a url that works i.e is the url of the page but it does not work when I insert that into the ‘home’ button code in the template although it does work directly in the browser. Perhaps an index.htm page with a redirect to the url might be the answer.

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    You can arrange pages with the wp_list_pages() template tag.

    You can make a home page in one of two ways:

    1. Use WordPress’ home.php template file : see this tutorial
    2. Use the Static Front Page plugin.

    Thanks. Got pages listed in order and a home page. Now want to get rid of the posting date on the home page – doesn’t show when linked from within – and the posting info at the bottom.




    edit home.php as needed. Some of the elemets (post details at the bottom) may actually live in footer.php, so you may need to construct your home.php as to not include footer.php

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