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  • Hey guys,

    So I was able to update the site in a way that the circles will link to pages instead of posts. But, now I am facing another issue. I cannot seem to be able to change the order of the pages. They are displayed in the order they were created with the latest showing up on the far right and the oldest on the left.

    Well it has an easy (but stupid) fix (as our site will not be that vast in size) – I could simply delete the pages and then create them all over again in the order I choose. But this is obviously not ideal because if we decide to change the site up a lot of stuff would have to be re-done.

    Is there a smarter way to change the order of the pages?

    I tried putting all the pages to trash and then restore them in the order I want but it doesn’t work that way, apparently :-D.

    I found out you can actually export the pages so I opened the *.xml file and thought I could change the order here so I swapped the pages around but with no avail – the pages are still in the same order.

    OT: is there a way I could search through the SPUN support page only? The general search sucks and manual browsing is tedious. Thx

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  • how do you change, that the link to pages is displayed instead of posts? is there a possibility to create a menu and display this in the circle elements?

    sorry, i am a beginner in wordpress and need some help. thanks!

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