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  • It doesn’t work like that.

    If I wanted something like this, I’d simply set up normal html pages in the root to do what I wanted done with them; then leave wp alone to do what it does best: dynamic content provided by posts.

    Thank you. I feel better now, knowing that I am not missing anything.




    I cant speak to how you doing this specifically, given where youve installed WP — however :

    Contact Us: – or
    (pointing to what is now using page template)

    thats just a matter of using the correct mod_rewrite rules to accomplish cruft free urls.

    My whole site does that.

    In fact, it would take more work than im willing to do but I dont see why any of that couldnt be accomplished using mod_rewrite.

    of course, with your mentioning of static pages, etc.. maybe not. 😛

    vkaryl: the “static” pages still need to pull in the dynamic WP sidebar (and header and footer).

    whoami: thanks. It’s on IIS shared hosting so no mod_rewrite or .htaccess.

    It sounds like the answer is: it is possible but requires a lot of kludging at the present time, like you it’s more work thsan I’m willing to do. Perhaps someone can be enticed to develop a plugin. 🙂

    One question: you said “given where youve installed WP” – would throwing it somewhere else (into root?) make a difference?


    Yes. If it is in the root, Pages would be at:

    Well. I *was* missing something obvious.

    I’ll just be moseying on into the install around midnight and moving it to root, then. After a look around to see if there is any downside to a root install to consider.

    Thanks, since I can move the install, it’s resolved for me.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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