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  • Is there a way to add pages into categories? I am looking to create menus on my wordpress, and have such main headers as like Apple, Linux, Windows, under each of those have other pages that fall into those categories. Is this possible?

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  • No, Pages (if we are talking about the same thing – do not have categories.

    However, Pages can be assigned to “parent” pages which allows a kind of hierachical organization of them.

    Moshu, thanks. and yeah I am talking abotu pages… i want pages nested in pages etc….

    Pages can’t be categorized, but you can use the Page Parent feature to present a nested list. For example, the default Theme’s sidebar.php Template makes use of the wp_list_pages() Template Tag to present a parent, child, child of child:

         »Child of Child

    Ok. But how do you create a top level “parent” without it defaulting to the H2 tag “Pages”. For instance, in the sidebar, I want to List as a H2 heading, “Illinois”. Then under that the county child, “DuPage”. Then nested in that, a city called “Naperville”. How do I create that? Yes I read and got lost in the “template tags” thing and haven’t found anything anywhere in the codex.

    Thank you,


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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