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    I am working on a site. For some purpose i have to export/import wordpress page to some other site.
    I tried it multiple time till yesterday and it was working fine all the time. But from today i am facing a strange issue.

    Some pages and working file. Like loading all the section, columns,elements and settings properly as they are on base website.

    But on some particular pages it is not loading layout designed with elementor. It only load text content that i have setup in few elements. No section, column formatting or elements styles.

    Tried export/import multiple time but having the same issue.

    * I am using default import/export procedure of wordpress.
    * All themes and plugins are same on both source and target installation.

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  • … there is an export/import function within elementor for templates.

    so maybe you’ll try saving your page content as a template, export it as json and then importing on second page/site. think that might work better than doing it via wp export options.

    worth giving it a try.

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    I know about that functionality. But for migrating bulk pages from one wp installation to another it should be compatible with standard wordpress export/import flow.

    As per my understanding Elementor is following wordpress standard to save post related data. It save all data in wp_post and wp_post_meta tables. And wordpress export/import also set all data in these 2 tables properly. So it is supposed to work and it is working fine for some pages.

    I did some research and figured out that wordpess import is stripping out slashes from elementor data stored in wp_post_meta table (meta key => “_elementor_data”). Which make json data invalid. And this is why elementor doesn’t load on some pages.

    Please let me know if there is any solution for this.

    Elementor is new but getting popular with time because of its features. Many theme developer will intend to include it in their theme as page builder (just like Visual Composer and Divi). And one click demo import is a basic feature for any quality theme. So importing elementor templates and then creating pages might not be a feasible solution.

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    Hi @webtechstreet
    We would like to investigate this issue.

    Here’s what I would like you to do: please export one problematic page, using both Elementor and WordPress, then provide us with the exported data using pastebin.

    This will hopefully allow us to resolve the issue.

    Thank you!

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    Hi @pojosh

    Thanks for considering this issue for investigation.

    Please find below required pastebin
    WP Export :

    Elementor Template Export:

    This issue occur when there is a double quote used in content. For example html written in HTML Element.

    Steps to Regenerate the issue.

    – I have created a simple page with Heading elemement and HTML Element.
    HTML written in html element contains double quote eg.
    <div class="slogan"></div>

    – Export this page using default wordpress export and import it some where else. You will get raw html with elementor formatting.

    My Findings:
    It seems that wordpress is removing slashes while creating new post during import.
    Not sure but wp_unslash() function used in wp_insert_post() function is doing all this.

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    Hi @webtechstreet

    Thank you for reporting the issue and providing the relevant information.

    Our developers have fixed the bug. The fix will be included in the next update.


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    This is blazing fast.. Just saw the commit on git.

    Great work

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