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  • want to setup different pages.. like a photo page then just update links on that page… am i missing something, how do i work with pages, looked everywhere and can’t get a straight answer, hear the community was the best so thought I would try here! Thanks in advance

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  • Hope somebody answers this one, because I’d love to know.

    Im not sure how you mean, you can set up a static ‘page’ in WP1.3+ and add photos, text, links whatever on that then edit it ad nauseam.

    I had a hard time understanding the concept as well at first. I believe this is how it works:

    Pages in WordPress are virtual. They are not some file that can be found in a directory on your server like an *.html file.

    When using html, you could have hundreds of *.html files all over the place.

    Your “pages” in WordPress however, are stored as entries in your database.

    In WordPress, you can create 1 page template, and have fifty virtual pages use that same template.

    When you click on a page link wordpress goes to the database, gets the text that is stored for that page, and sends it to the template to be displayed.

    Once you understand that, everything else starts to fall in place.

    At least it did for me.

    A page for photos is something different. I’m still trying to get my gallery working.

    A photo page can work 2 ways:

    Using some photo program that creates html files that are “dressed up” to look like your website and linked to from within your website. (I’ve noticed that almost all WordPress sites that have galleries are done this way)


    Integrating you photo album directly into your website (something that I’m trying to figure out now). What you need to do in this situation is create a page template in WordPress as you would normally, and then have the page “include” the file from the photo program or have the photo program “include” the header and footer files from wordpress.

    Creating photo galleries in WordPress is not at all about how WordPress functions but how the photo program that you are using is designed to function. Most are not written in a way that is easy to intergrate into your website. They do that I guess so that they can be used generically with all types of websites, and not just created with WordPress.

    Once I figure out how to truly integrate a certain photo program I will write a page on my site about how I did it.


    Try this link to get an idea of what I’m talking about:


    and here:

    I understand the idea of the template as it is what works for the blog page, but the concept of the virtual page is incomprehensible to me. How do you add stuff on a virtual page? It’s probably a dumb question, but I have no idea about php… I added stuff on the left column of my page, but it didn’t seem virtual to me. It was html…

    Within the admin panel is a section on managing Pages. It is from there that all content is added to the virtual pages. You could code everything in HTML using whatever tool you like, then just copy/paste it into the Pages section and it stores all that in the database.

    I can’t figure out where this section is, or what you call the admin panel. You mean the page that I edit when I post? Or do I have to open something in the wp-admin file. I feel stupider and stupider 😉 (even ashamed of asking)…

    you are using 1.3/1.5 arent you?

    I am using 1.2.1

    yea, there’s no pages function in 1.2.1 you’d have to upgrade to a nightly in order to get it.

    Then I guess I’ll wait. I’m too much of a newbie to fiddle with nightlies… 😉 Thanks for the feedback anyway

    NM – am I right in thinking then that there is no way to display ‘normal’ posts on a created page? So the content of a page would just be one long post?

    Part of me logically thinks that pages should work like categories – write a post, then pick which cat and page you want it to appear on. Is this possible yet or is it just wishful thinking?

    “I am using 1.2.1”

    lol, that explains the confusion then

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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