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  • This rehashes issues brought up in other threads, but I’m posting this to make the issue clear and concise.

    It would be very nice if WP template tags on Pages would be parsed. This would allow people to make pages of links based on the links in their WP links manager and to create archive pages, as well as various other pages.

    There is a plugin that will let PHP be executed in posts, but I think this is overkill. Parsing only WP template tags only on posts would boost the functionality and usefulness of the “Pages” feature greatly.

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  • Can you clarify which template tags you are referring to? While I was developing my WP Lists plugin, I too thought that the RunPHP was overkill and I wrote my own little parser which interprets custom HTML tags into executable code. For example:

    <list id="#" showlinks="true" />

    well, the ones I would like are the ones mentioned in my original post: archives and links…

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