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  1. WP.User_911
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    Hello =)

    So I've come really far on the WordPress site I'm doing for a client. Just published the first few pages so I could get my sidebar up and running. I'm glad I published prematurely however because as I was navaigating through the different pages the entire background would briefly flash yellow each time I chose a new page.

    I'm wondering if this has to do with just the way it is installed or something funny I've done on my part.

    I'm running WordPress Locally using WAMP and I'm working with the Adventure Journal Theme. Please help me.

  2. If the background image you are using is very large, then the background colour will flash. It happens usually a bit, but once your images are cached, it should be better. You might be running a lot of plugins too or lots of code that's loading prior to the image being displayed.

    A caching plugin might help the issue, but I wouldn't worry too much about it and would wait until your live.

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