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  • The blog I am having difficulty with:

    I recently changed this website over from to Moved all files/folders from public_html to blog. It will no longer display the posts. It did display all posts when it was

    1. You can see posts in the admin side/database.
    2. Website address has been updated under settings.
    3. It is using the same database.
    4a. Blog posts are set to the Blog page with a static homepage.
    4b. Blog posts will not display with front page options either.
    5. Tested disabling and re-enabling all plug-ins.
    6. Tested another theme.
    7. Have scrutinized database tables looking for any evidence of “www” (other than wp_options I found one under wp_users which shouldn’t make a difference, but changed it anyway)
    8. Pages with loops have not changed from the original blog. However, I did look over to see if there were any ties to the original, and I cannot find any.
    9. Have looked over many search results in the wordpress forums/google search to find solutions with no avail.

    Basically, I have done everything in my power to avoid writing another forum post but at this point I am completely lost.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • To avoid any confusion. Most of the links are based off of the base site (www). The two that are associated with WordPress are BLOG and INSTAGRAM.

    Does anyone have any advice? I’m open to anything at this point.

    Thank you,

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    same thing im facing here i dont know what happened plz let me know whats going here

    I took everything down and reloaded with no avail. However, this time I tried changing themes again. Twenty Eleven displayed the posts so I ended up just heavily modifying Twenty Eleven to look like the original website.

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