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    So I recently upgraded to 3.7.1 and also updated CPT UI to 0.8.2, but pages that I created don’t seem to show in the administration end. The count is there and correct, but the table displays “No pages found.” The only fix so far is to deactivate CPT UI. Any idea what could be going on?

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    So when you go to you’re no longer seeing pages listed? or when you go to ?

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    what post types have you registered so far?

    Just an empty one to work with taxonomy ordering.

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    Not quite sure why you’re having to create an empty custom post type just to work with taxonomies. You can create new taxonomies for the other post types that WP registers for you out of the box. I’ve also never heard of a CPT taking out the Page post type, which is quite odd.

    I’ve got a similar problem. Updated to WP 3.7.1 and CPT UI 0.8.2. We’ve got 3 custom post types with 100+ posts in each. The menu links have disappeared.

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    what post types did you register? If you could, provide the details for the CPTs that you registered, so I can see if I can recreate. Slug for sure, also any advanced settings.

    Having a list of the post types, or even better, having the exported code from CPTUI would greatly help us track this bug down. Thanks Todd / @rslee for your patience, we’re digging into this to see if we can find it on our side in the mean time.

    I was having this same issue as well. It appears to be something related to capabilities. All of my custom post types had the capability of ‘post’ originally assigned to them. After upgrading to WP 3.7.1, the plugin showed the capability, but it took me removing the capability (assigning as blank), saving the custom post type, then re-entering ‘post’ into the field to solve.

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    manifestcreative, thank you very much for those notes. It helped me figure out where to start looking for a clue regarding the why, as well as provided a solution for the others in this thread to solve.

    Here’s a snippet from the register_post_type codex page regarding the capability_type field, which defaults to ‘post’:

    “(string or array) (optional) The string to use to build the read, edit, and delete capabilities. May be passed as an array to allow for alternative plurals when using this argument as a base to construct the capabilities, e.g. array(‘story’, ‘stories’) the first array element will be used for the singular capabilities and the second array element for the plural capabilities, this is instead of the auto generated version if no array is given which would be “storys”. By default the capability_type is used as a base to construct capabilities. It seems that map_meta_cap needs to be set to true, to make this work.”

    That last sentence is what caught my eye the most, because in this latest release we added the registering of the map_meta_cap parameter by default and set to true. It defaults to false normally.

    Now, I don’t fully understand why this would cause the “Pages” list to disappear, would love to hear explanation if anyone knows why. However, that’s the closest thing I can find in relation to this topic, for stuff that had changed since the 0.8.0 release.

    i am not sure to post this in the right topic, but i had a similar problem.
    i registered 5 custom post types in the function.php but the 5th did not showed up in the backend on the left sided menu. Every registration beyond 4 is not visible!?
    If you registered,lets say custom post type 5 and set it BEFORE custom post type 4 in the functions.php there just changing places in the backend, the 5 instead of 4 is visible, BUT in frontend the invisible backend custom post types are still active !
    So regardless what you are registering in the functions only 4 are showing up in the backend… and the not visible, if you created content in the first place, are still active in the frontend.

    i figured out the following:
    line 101
    $_wp_last_object_menu = 30; // The index of the last top-level menu in the object menu group

    Give it a bigger nummern as 25…

    After editing the menu.php like this every registration beyond 4 is visible.
    Maybe this could be a hint, because i assume that this may be a BUG…

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