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  1. Baharehtz
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Dear WP,
    2 days ago i was working all day on my portfolio.. i actually published more than 3 pages but "god knows what happened" the pages just disappears!
    The funny thing is on the "pages" you can see i published 5 pages.. but it showes: No pages found. i also click on those "5" but still "no page found".

    I tried to "Add New" page.. i create the page.. i publish it.. NOTHING! i can see only HOME. I checked in the editor the page.php exists.. I update my WP as well but nothing :(
    I don't think i did something wrong, its not my first time using the wp.

    What's wrong??

  2. Check your server's error log for errors.

    Also turn off all your plugins.

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