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    Dear all:

    I would like to organize things in WordPress this way:

    -> Magazine = Page (type blog)
    -> Categories = Chapters inside each magazine
    -> Tags = sections inside each chapter

    The idea is to associate those concepts to ideas that people newbies to computers can understand.

    In this case, WordPress would be a librarie, with different books. Each book (=page) has chapters (=categories), each chapter has diffent sections (=tags).

    Is that possible?



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  • You would find the better way through Codex about Post Taxonomy.

    Dear Mossack:

    The Taxonomies is something really cool. Categories would then be a special taxonomy, if I understood properly.

    But, still can’t find a way to organice the navigation according to this. The goal (don’t care the method to achieve that):

    —-> Blog 1 = Page 1 ===> Menu/Submenu on top
    -> Posts organization inside the topic (=categories within the blog)
    —-> Blog 2 = Page 2 ===> Menu/Submenu on top
    -> Posts organization inside the topic

    This way we have a clear navigation structure, menus on top for the main topic (or taxonomy or whatever the mechanism), categories inside each topic to have sort of chapters.

    Anyone knows a way to work this way?



    Connecting categories to tags to provide navigation might be a problem.

    Pages and sub-pages would be one way to go.

    Another option might be to look at “series” type plugin such as

    Also saw this interesting plugin by scribu:

    Thank you very much for the quick answer !!!

    I’ll play a bit with the options and update the results.

    See you soon,


    The idea would be:

    – New Page (type=blog) ==> This give me all the navigation options requiered

    Each new page should have a sidebar containing only the subcategories of this page.

    Somehow tie a category (and all the contents inside: subcategories, posts, etc.) to a page.

    I have checked the series plugin, it is adding a taxonomy, if this is upper level to the category and can be tie to a page, that would be the solution. Let me investigate.

    If anyone already knows a way, please, let me know.



    In ExpressionEngine this is called channels. I find a plugin that can link categories to pages:

    I have no idea if this is going to work. Being able to organize taxonomies (categories/subcategories inside each) and link each taxonomy to a page would be a great enhancement. Actually, same thing than channels in ExpressionEngine.

    I’ll keep updated this thread with my experience with the plugin.



    Finally, here the best solution for this problem:

    -> Categories Groups : sort of channels idea
    ——- Each group has associated a especific categories widget

    -> Pages <-> Categories Group : with the widget that only shows the categories within the group.

    Conclusion: this is the exact idea I was looking for. I still need to test it properly, but the core ideas behind allows us to split the post in several pages.

    Any help or feedback will be appreciated.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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