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  • I upgraded my wp 2.2.3 site to 2.3 and forgot to disable the plugins, so the upgrade was botched a bit (the wp_tems tables not found problem). The only working solution for me was to install a new blank site and copy the relevant missing tables to the actual site db, and now it works again.

    But one of the results is that I’ve lost all categories -which is something that can be remedied easily, but more importantly, all my pages are now posts. And since the site is configured to use pages as homepage, this kinda breaks the site.

    SO my question is, how can I make posts into pages again? I know how a database works, but don’t know what to change. Anyone can help me with this?


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  • This happened to me as well but I did turn off my plugins.



    has anyone fixed this without recreating the pages?

    I’m hoping that someone watching this thread may have an answer; this happened to me as well, two sites, two different servers, WP 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 respectively, no upgrading — and I’m not sure what could have been done to the sites to have caused this. If anyone can provide assistance, I’m sure we’d all be grateful. It’s a bit like aliens have landed, this week… 0.o

    This thread has more information, though I haven’t figured out exactly what to do about it. If anyone else is having this same problem, good luck!

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