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Pages as a link

  • Very simple problem, complex to explain: okay, in my Cordobo Green Park 2 theme whenever I post a page, the title of that page automatically appears across the top of the blog banner with other title of other pages. Now, all I’m trying to do is have a page or whatever you want to call it or however it can be done, I need to have a heading at the top of the site be a LINK rather than a page. In other words, I need a page that is not a page but is a link. I have tried all sorts of fixes but they do not work. I tried to make a page a link template, but that puts ALL of the links as a link once you get inside the page. I do not want to go to a page at all. I want it to be a live external link that goes to another site altogether, not to a page that then has a link to the site. I tried doing it in HTML but cannot get into the code for the title of a page, in HTML or any other sneaky way around. Please help and please try not to define terms with other jargon. I am NEW to all of this. For example, most of the answers I see on here are also Greek to me.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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